Why Should Google Choose Peoria?

  • Peoria fits perfectly with Google’s criteria…
    Peoria has all of the amenities of a perfect test site for Google’s Fiber to Communities project. We have 183,000 excited citizens, a population size that fits nicely within Google's stated goal of 50,000 - 500,000 people. While we applied as Peoria County, we are really a tri-county area made up of more than 360,000 citizens organized around the economic hub of downtown Peoria.
  • Peoria is a world renowned center for research and development. This means that Google’s technology will immediately be put to use by some of America’s brightest minds. Those “killer apps” are as good as invented…
    Peoria is the world headquarters of Caterpillar, a Fortune 50 company that together with other firms and institutions invests over $1 billion annually in research and development. Google's is interested in improving medical care — Peoria is home to a world-class medical community, including many rural health clinics. Our already cutting- edge medical infrastructure has witnessed over $600M in recent investments, including additions and renovations to our two main hospitals and an expansion of the University of Illinois College of Medicine.Consider the benefit of partnering Google's technology with the Jump Trading Simulation and Conference Education Center - a state-of-the-art lab and conference center being built at OSF St. Francis Hospital. Within the complex, high-tech mannequins and on-screen simulations will closely mimic complicated surgeries and other procedures. The auditorium will allow for symposiums in which doctors can watch live surgical procedures from around the world.
  • Products and services that "play in Peoria" play everywhere….
    Peoria has a long history as a test market because we are a microcosm of America itself. Our diverse community can help Google understand the ramifications of high-speed internet access in both rural and urban settings, in a snowy winter and a humid summer, in neighborhoods and bustling business districts. Google will be able to test its product in elementary schools of small farm communities and in large institutions of higher education.
  • Others have taken notice of what Peoria has to offer, including CNN and Forbes….
    • In November 2009, Milken Institute says Peoria is the 33rd best performing City in the U.S. Milken's Best-Performing Cities Index measures the most successful U.S. metropolitan areas in terms of job creation and retention, the quality of jobs being produced, and overall economic performance. It looks specifically at where jobs are being created and maintained, where wages and salaries are increasing, and where economies and businesses are growing and thriving. Peoria jumped 10 spots from 2008.
    • October 2009, CNN Money and Fortune Small Business ranked Peoria as the 5th best midsized city to launch a small businesses and 15th best overall regardless of size. The article highlights the growth of Peoria's small business sector even during the bad economy. The article explains how more than 100 businesses have graduated from startup mode this year in industries including agriculture, medical device development, and the support-services sector.
    • In June 2009, Peoria was ranked the 16th best city for young professionals on the U.S. Next Cities List among cities with a population of 100,000 - 200,000. This list looks at earning, learning, vitality, entertainment and recreation options, cost of lifestyle, and social capital.
    • In March 2009, Peoria was ranked #52 on Forbes.com 'Best Place for Business and Career' list. This list is based on combined scores from Rank, Metro Area, Cost Of Doing Business, Job Growth Projected, Educational Attainment, and Metro Area Population among others.
    • June 2009, Biological Quarterly said "Peoria Next: Creating A Culture of Entrepreneurialism"
    • In 2008, National Geographic Adventure magazine named Peoria one of the 50 Best Adventure Towns in America, citing our extensive trail system and live entertainment found on our Riverfront.

Most importantly, Peorians come from all walks of life. Selecting Peoria means Google will see the impact of its service on low- and high-income families, life-long Americans and new immigrants, young professionals and senior citizens. Quite simply, Peoria offers Google a laboratory in which its vision for high speed broadband can be realized.

What People are Saying....

As a fifteen year old amateur coder and networking/computer consultant, I would use the faster upload and download speeds in order to get my projects and releases to my customers faster.
Peoria, IL

A Case for Google Fiber in Peoria

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